Register Your Trial Class For RM 60 Only Into Fast & Easy Swimming Academy Here

RM 60 Trial Class Fees only applied for class location at PAUM Clubhouse Swimming Pool only.
For those who want to get this trial class at their own swimming pool, extra charge at RM 60 applied.

Please read terms & conditions below before you submit.

 All bookings should be made via email.

  1. Existing customers are entitled to a priority-booking window during the final week of the block.
  2. The priority deadline is 12pm on the advertised priority deadline date.
  3. Payments must be in full either on or before the first day of lessons.
  4. In the event we are unable to accommodate your lesson a full refund will be given.
  5. If lessons are cancelled, every effort will be made to reschedule them. If this is not possible a credit will be applied to the following session.
  6. Refunds for non-attendance will not be given.
  7. No guarantee of successfully learning to swim if the student does not follow the instructions given by the instructors.
  8. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult who must be at the venue during the lesson.
  9. All students should wear proper swimming attire, in the interests of hygiene, and to prevent obscuring of vision and the possibility injury of during the lesson, student with long hair must wear caps and goggles.
  10. Students and parents are responsible for supplying their own swimming attire; caps, goggles and kickboards
  11. No food or drink other than water in plastic bottles may be consumed of poolside.
  12. Parents/guardians may watch the lessons but are respectfully asked not to distract the lesson by speaking to their children.
  13. We must be informed of any relevant medical conditions prior to the first lesson; you can contact us with this information by phone or email.
  14. Swimmers must blow their nose; use the toilet and shower before entering the water.
  15. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children in the changing rooms and other areas in the venue before and after the lessons.
  16. Changing room space is limited please use the lockers provided.
  17. Children must not enter the pool before or after the lesson unless they are club members.
  18. All customers must adhere to the rules of the pool and follow any instruction written or verbal from the club staff.
  19. Our swimming instructors occasionally are unwell or unable to attend their lesson. We reserve the right to use alternative qualified instructors. If possible we will endeavor to inform you of this prior to attending the lesson.
  20. Management reserves the right to decline or cancel bookings, particularly if the guidelines above are not followed.
  21. Our instructors are well – trained and every precaution is taken during each lesson, however accidents do happen, (due to wet floors, swimming not following instructions etc.) The management and staff of Fast and Easy swimming Academy shall not be held responsible for any mishap, injury, loss of life, theft, damage to possessions, etc., that may occur during, before or after the lessons.
  22. By attending the lessons, you agree to allow Fast and Easy Swimming Academy to utilise all forms of media taken in our pools for our marketing materials.

Please address any questions and comments to Coach Nur via email: easyswim13@gmail.com or call us at 0192604322